Here are the pictures from my four days in Devon with Ruva and Kenzie. Me and Kenz stayed with Ruva's family and she, her brother and mother were all so nice and generous to us, you can't ask for better hosts! We spent the days walking around her neighborhood, we walked from town to town and along the beach. The weather was super good, although not warm enough to take a swim in the water, but still very sunny and without a drop of rain. And one night, we went bowling, another night we went out for drinks but above all, we ate. again, alot. Cream tea with scones and clotted cream is God's gift to the human race. Aswell as fich and chips, roast dinner and pizza from "The Firehouse". All sooooo gooooood! I was a happy and full ball rolling back to France. 
And now back in France I am trying to take advantage of my easter holiday. I spent the entire sunday with Kenzie in the castle garden in St Germain. I suprisingy only burnt my feet even though it was close to 26 degrees outside and yesterday I was in Paris with Victoria. We shopped and then we had dinner at her place with Julia, Ditte and Ditte's sister. Steaks, potato balls and bearnaise sauce while we listened to Håkan Hellström and talked about "SKAM". 
And today! Today my parents are coming to Paris to see me again! So excited! Vi hörs snart igen, hej då!