The Last Week

Im sorry for the bad update but I have been rather busy this week and time has just flown by. And now it is sunday which means this week but also my year as an Au pair are both officially over. As you can see by the photos I have spent this last week with my friends as much as possible, when I've not been working.
Wednesday and friday night I had dinner with Vic and Ditte, on wednesday we went to an indian restaurant to celebrate Ditte's birthday (Fyi, she told everyone it was her birthday so she could get a free cake and fireworks and this is why I love her!) and friday night we had a goodbye dinner at St Regis, one of my favorite restaurants in Paris. 
I have also visited places like Galerie Lafayette, Musee d'Orsay, Le Marais and Parc Buttes Chaumont just to see them one last time before I go. 
And this weekend I had a sleepover with my besties Ruva, Kenzie, Noemi and Nixie in Nixie's temporary apartment. Together we drank aLOT of sangria, deeptalked and just soaked up in each other's company and we continued to do so at Breakfast in America this morning until we finally had to say goodbye on the train and in St Germain en Laye. I knew I was going to cry, I told myself not to but in the end we all did. Actually, I'm choking up just writing this. I can not explain how much I am going to miss them! I love them so much, how cheesy it may sound, but I know we will see eachother again, we have to! 
Now I have to get ready for a last dinner with my host family and then tomorrow morning me and my parents are beginning our roadtrip to the south of France for a 10-days-long vacation! 
Have a good sunday night! À bientôt !