Homesickness? (in English!!!!)

I've decided to dedicate, to my non-swedish speaking friends, a blog post in English about homesickness because whenever we are away from home for a long period of time this "sickness" is gonna occur at some point. And even though I'm not feeling homesick right now I have recently discussed the matter with some of my dear friends and once in a while I get short "flashes" of homesickness, where I for only a few seconds just wish I could be back in Sweden with my family and my old friends. Of course I miss my family and friends all the time but I see being homesick as more an anxious feeling of missing out and desperately wanting to go back home. 
However, I have noticed that these "flashes" only enter my mind when I'm put in certain situations, situations that I thought could be interesting to share: 
1. The first time I ever felt a little bit homesick was when I felt super lonely and bored one day. I remember that I was sick during a holiday in October and just for a short moment I felt super sad and I really missed my house and my parents back in Sweden. But as soon as I got better and occupied myself with either work or I went into Paris this "flash" disapeared and I felt luckier to be here rather than at home.
2. Other times when I wish I was back home are whenever I scroll through social media and see that my friends or my family are getting together without me. Then it's not about me being bored but rather me feeling like I'm missing out. An example is my brother who had his baby earlier this week, I felt super happy for him yet I wished for a moment that I was at home to share that joy with him. At the same time I know I'm going back this summer and thanks to social media I can follow what is happening at home without feeling really left out.  
3. And the third thing I've discovered to be a source of homesickness is the culture shock. Being in France has its difficulties, espcially in the beginning when it took awhile for me to get into my routines and doing such a quick and big change takes alot of energy. Now I'm more comfortable in my daily french life but there are still alot of things here which differs from Sweden, so much that they make me homesick. The culture shock does however have a positive side because the things within the french culture that I don't like have made me like Sweden alot more. For example my free education, my free health care, my crispbread, my rights as a woman and my central house heating are things I no longer take for granted. So if you hate your own country, come and live abroad and you will learn to appreciate your own country more. 
And this goes along the positive side of homesickness too. The fact that I get a little bit homesick sometimes is a sign that I come from a happy home with dear people in it, and moving on from homesickness is a good way to remind myself why I made the move in the first place: to experience and learn something different from what I was used to. Trust me when I say that I love being here and I love my new life. I do not regret coming to France, no homesickness can ever change that! 
P.s this song here is awesome and has helped me alot! 
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