Att vara en turist hemma

Jag är tillbaks till the old and the beautiful Frankrike efter min semestervecka hemma i Lund, där jag känt mig mer som en turist än någonting annat. Detta för att jag t.ex. åt på restaurang typ nästan varje kväll tillsammans med kompisar eller familj: Beställde mat på Surf Shack med Marie som vi åt på stranden, köpte tunnbrödsrulle med mormor på exklusiva James Grill i Staffanstorp, träffade Elsa på nyöppnade TUGG i Lund, hängde med spykengänget på TGIF i malmö och jag avslutade veckan med lunchbesök på Grand Hotel tillsammans med hela familjen inklusive småttingarna Signe och Vide-Lo. Supermysigt har hela veckan vairt och så roligt att höra vad alla har hållt på med uppe i norr. Sedan jobbade även jag på Tirups Örtagård för att tjäna in lite extra pengar, men då kände jag mig verkligen inte som en turist, kom in i rutinarbetet direkt och det kändes mer som om jag aldrig hade åkt iväg och att det var sommar igen. Men igårkväll kom jag ju som sagt tillbaks till Paris och jag är redo för att få ut så mycket jag kan av denna stad, dessa två månader som kvarstår innan jag åker tillbaks igen till det avlånga svennebananlandet. Nu ska jag dock få ut så mycket jag kan av denna natt så godnatt med er. Sov gott så hörs vi snart igen! XoXo
Bonjour ! Je suis revenu en France apres une semaine en Suede pour voir ma famille et mes amis. J'ai eu une semaine trés sympa. ugh... cette fois je suis trop fatiguée pour ecrire en francais, du coup desolé, mais il y a un jour demain aussi et je doit me coucher maintenant. Bon nuit et à bientôt ! XoXo


Here are the pictures from my four days in Devon with Ruva and Kenzie. Me and Kenz stayed with Ruva's family and she, her brother and mother were all so nice and generous to us, you can't ask for better hosts! We spent the days walking around her neighborhood, we walked from town to town and along the beach. The weather was super good, although not warm enough to take a swim in the water, but still very sunny and without a drop of rain. And one night, we went bowling, another night we went out for drinks but above all, we ate. again, alot. Cream tea with scones and clotted cream is God's gift to the human race. Aswell as fich and chips, roast dinner and pizza from "The Firehouse". All sooooo gooooood! I was a happy and full ball rolling back to France. 
And now back in France I am trying to take advantage of my easter holiday. I spent the entire sunday with Kenzie in the castle garden in St Germain. I suprisingy only burnt my feet even though it was close to 26 degrees outside and yesterday I was in Paris with Victoria. We shopped and then we had dinner at her place with Julia, Ditte and Ditte's sister. Steaks, potato balls and bearnaise sauce while we listened to Håkan Hellström and talked about "SKAM". 
And today! Today my parents are coming to Paris to see me again! So excited! Vi hörs snart igen, hej då!


I am baaaaaack! I have had a lovely week in lovely England together with my lovely friends Ruva and Kenzie. We spent four days in London from Saturday to Tuesday and then we took a bus to Devon (a county in south west England), which is where Ruva lives. We spent another four days there but I thought I could do one post about London and another one about Devon because I have sooooo many pictures! 
So London, I had been there four times before this time, but this was the first time I was there alone, alone as in no grown ups and it was great. Me and Kenz met Ruvs at King's Cross on the saturday night. The hostel we stayed in was really close to that station. Unfortunately, we shared a room with the biggest snorers on the planet which meant we didn't get much sleep. However, we still managed to seize the three days we had. We saw all the touristy things like Big Ben, the London Eye (we even went up!), Convent Garden, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street and China Town. We also ate, alot. It was good. Wagamama. Oh and we shopped, a haul is coming up. 
London is a super cool city and it was nice to go there with a real English person, and fun friends! But like in any other big city, it takes alot of your energy so to leave and stay in calm Devon for the rest of the week was a perfect plan, but more about that in another post.
Now I'm going to meet up Kenzie in St Germain en Laye for a sunny picnic in the park. Have a good day! XoXo